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            文化宣言/Cultural declaration

            首页 > 企业文化 > 文化宣言

            企业文化 Corporate culture:
            Corporate vision: To be the most advanced auto parts and components benchmark company worldwide.
            企业使命:智造国际一流产品 推进社会文明进步
            Corporate mission: Produce international top-ranking products, promote social civilization. 
            企业价值观:讲究诚信 崇尚业绩 奉献社会
            Corporate Value: Value integrity,advocate performance, devote to society
            企业哲学:学习 创新 超越
            Corporate Philosophy: Learn, innovate, surpass.
            企业精神:精益求精 尽善尽美
            Corporate Spirit: Keep improving, be perfect.
            质量文化:人品决定产品 质量体现尊严
            Quality culture: Moral quality determines products, quality embody dignity.
            创新文化:宽容失败 鼓励创新
            Innovative culture: Tolerant failures , encourage innovation.
            执行文化:速度第一 完美第二
            Executive culture: Speed is the first, perfection is the second.
            人才文化:人适其位 人尽其才
            Talent culture: Accommodate everyone to his position and make full use of talents.
            Security culture: Anything unsafe can be avoided.
            Service culture: Customers are right forever.
            成本文化:一丝一缕 当思来之不易
            Cost culture: Realize that anything slightest is hard to achieve.
            和谐文化:相亲 相伴 相成长
            Harmonious culture: Be kind to each other, growing up together.
            Incorruptible culture: We are growing up in sunshine.
            同事文化:美人之美 美美共之
            Colleague culture: Showing appreciation for others, help each other.
            班组文化:小班组 大能量
            Team culture: A small team with powerful energy.
            风险文化:上善若水 静水听风
            Risk culture: As good as water, be on guard of risks even in safety.